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Air Receiver Tank for Air Compressor

The air storage tank can store a certain amount of compressed air, to make sure that pressure of output air is relatively stable. It can also reduce the temperature in the air path and remove some water, dust, and impurities. The air storage tank is made of high-quality materials(carbon steel or stainless steel) and uses advanced welding technology. It has passed ISO9001 certification and can pass any safety inspection.

Functions of Air Receiver Tank for Air Compressor

  1. Store air to meet the sudden and instantaneous increase in air consumption of gas equipment;

  2. Store air and eliminate the pulsation of air flow in the pipeline;

  3. Preliminarily cool the air and allow part of the liquid water to precipitate. Therefore, the gas storage tank must be drained regularly;

  4. It can ensure that the air compressor automatically shuts down. When the air storage tank is full under the set pressure, the air compressor will automatically shut down, so that the air compressor will not be kept running and waste electricity.


How to Choose the Air Receiver Tank for Air Compressor?

Theoretically, the larger the gas storage tank, the better, which can reduce the number of frequent starts of the air compressor. Star-delta start is a power frequency start. The instantaneous current of the motor when starting is about 7 times the rated current. Frequent starts will cause greater damage to the electrical parts of the air compressor, reducing the life of the electrical parts and causing a greater impact on the power grid. Large, affecting the normal use of other electrical equipment.

The variable frequency air compressor is a soft start, and the starting current is about 2 times the rated current, so the impact is not great.


FAQs of Air Receiver Tank for Air Compressor

Is it possible to use a screw air compressor without a air tank?

The role of the air storage tank is to maintain the pipe network pressure of the compressed air system from large fluctuations. Since the air consumption at the end of the compressed air system generally cannot be stable at all times, an air storage tank must be used to balance the stability of the system pressure and reduce the frequent loading and unloading of the air compressor. Another function is to cool the dried compressed air again to reduce the moisture content in the compressed air.

For individual compressed air systems, such as when the air compressor has a large displacement (such as a centrifugal air compressor), the system pipe network is relatively large (the pipe diameter is large and long) and the air consumption is relatively stable, it is also possible not to equip the air tank. But general compressed air systems need to be equipped with air storage tanks.

Features of air receiver tank for air compressor

  1. Air compressor action: Since the action range of the air compressor is relatively large, if the pressure vessel is frequently opened and stopped during work, this will increase the wear of the valve. On the other hand, it will also make the oil and gas circuits unstable, which will cause the machine to malfunction. Stability, but if a gas storage tank is configured, this situation will be relatively reduced.

  2. Energy saving effect: The air compressor frequently starts and stops, so the motor's current consumption will be very large, so the air compressor will be no-loaded when it is in use. If this state stays for a very long time, it will Waste a lot of traffic. But if the air system is equipped with an air storage tank, the stability of the air compressor will stop, which can ensure very stable work and reduce unnecessary waste of idling energy.

  3. Provide a stable air source: Why does the air compressor need to be bound to a gas tank? If there is an air storage tank in the air compressor system, the output air of the air compressor will have a buffer place, the air source can be better maintained at a set value, and the air system can obtain a constant pressure, which is suitable for use in modern factories. Very necessary.

  4. Good air quality: The compressed air from the air compressor is first sent to the air storage tank. The air inside will stay for a certain period of time and can precipitate foreign matter such as impurities and moisture in the air. The temperature of the compressed air will also be reduced. Even if there is no freeze dryer, it will Can send out relatively high-quality air.


In fact, the function of air tank is like a reservoir. The air compressor is a gas source, and the gas storage tank is a reservoir. The air storage tank can balance the air pressure within a certain pressure range according to the settings, buffer the fluctuations of air pressure, and reduce the number of starts of the air compressor. In addition, the air storage tank can also precipitate foreign matter such as impurities and moisture in the air. Function.

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