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Desiccant Dryer for Air Compressor

Thermal adsorption type - uses part of the dried compressed air to purge the adsorbent after decompression to achieve "regeneration" of the adsorbent; Microthermal adsorption type - the difference from the non-thermal adsorption type is that the compressed air used for purging is heated by an electric heater.

Working Principles of Desiccant Dryer for Air Compressor

The difference between the air blower adsorption type and the microthermal adsorption type is that compressed air is no longer used, but air is blown through a blower; Compression heat adsorption type - Different from the blast adsorption type, heating uses the heat energy generated during the compression process of the air compressor to recover.

Adsorption for the same adsorbed gas (adsorbate): the lower the temperature, the higher the pressure, the greater the adsorption capacity; conversely, the higher the temperature, the lower the pressure, the smaller the adsorption capacity. Therefore, gas adsorption and separation methods usually use two methods: temperature swing adsorption or pressure swing adsorption (this pressure swing adsorption method is also used in the oxygen and nitrogen production process).

If the temperature remains unchanged, the adsorbent will adsorb when the pressure is increased and desorb when the pressure is reduced. This is called pressure swing adsorption (PSA).


Simply put, for adsorption dryers, when compressed air flows through the adsorbent, the adsorbent will absorb a large amount of water vapor in the compressed air. When the pressure of the compressed air is reduced, the adsorption capacity of the adsorbent will be reduced. The water in it is drained out.


Using the above principles, you can use the necessary mechanical and electrical devices to realize the following process: make the compressed air flow alternately through two drying tanks A and B filled with adsorbent, that is, one tank absorbs water under a high partial pressure (working pressure) state. When steaming, the other tank resolves at low partial pressure (near atmospheric pressure), and then switches according to the set time program.

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