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CMN water-lubricated oil-free screw compressors VS other brands

1. CMN is the creator of the water-lubricated oil-free compressor and also the leading water-lubricated oil-free compressor manufacturer with the most patented technologies.


2. The first company to bring water lubricated compressor to the market, it has a number of innovative patents and a large number of product use cases of more than 10 years.


3. CMN is the drafting unit of the national industry standard JB/T 11882-2014 "General Water Injection Single Screw Air Compressor" and the drafting and formulation unit of the national industry standard JB/T12565-2015 "Medium Pressure Single Screw Air Compressor".


Technical Performance Comparison Table of Oil-free Water Lubricated Air end

Technology patent name


Our competitor

Meshing technology

The meshing structure of the single-screw meshing pair (patent number: 200820167450.X) is CMN unique technology.

Advantages: The star wheel will never wear. CMN provides a five-year warranty for the air end, ensures that the star wheel does not need to be replaced.

(CMN promised that the efficiency will not drop by more than 5% within five years)

Ordinary meshing structure, the star wheel wears out quickly, and the star wheel body is a wearing part, with a service life of about 5,000 hours. Efficiency drops by 15% to 20% in 5000 hours.

Sealing technology


CMN unique shaft sealless design (patent number: ZL2011 2 20001013 2) solves the international technical problem that the general shaft seal needs to be replaced after 8,000 hours.

Traditional mechanical seals have a maximum service life of 8,000 hours. Replacing the shaft seal is not easy and affects production. Damage to the shaft seal will cause water leakage and lead to air end failure

Material technology

The air end rotor and body are made of food grade stainless steel. As one of best oil free compressor suppliers, CMN masters the ultra-high precision processing technology of stainless steel raw material;

The service life of each CMN air end is guaranteed to be more than 20 years.

Most are made of alloy materials, and some air end are made of copper. Since copper comes into contact with air, it will oxidize and cause cavitation under pressure. This will result in a shortened service life and the air end may need to be replaced or overhauled within five years.

Control valve technology

CMN patented control valve technology, patent number: ZL201120000998.7,

Innovatively designed stainless steel valves are used to ensure stable operation of the equipment.

The solenoid valve is used to directly control the water spraying . Emergency stop or power outage will cause water spraying failure.