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Advantages of CMN High Pressure Water-lubricated Oil-free Screw Compressor

Compared with high pressure oil-free piston machines, CMN high pressure water-lubricated pure oil-free screw machines have obvious advantages in the following six aspects, as follows:


1. Low energy consumption

Compared with the piston air end, the energy saving of the CMN screw air end can reach more than 10% under the same working conditions. Moreover, as the piston ring, cylinder inner wall, etc. continue to wear during the use of the piston engine, this energy saving ratio will gradually increase to 15%. -30% or even higher. Taking an air compressor with an installed power of 250KW as an example, the energy consumption saved by running an average of 6,000 hours per year is: 250KW*6000H*0.15~0.3=225,000~450,000 kWh. The industrial electricity fee is 0.8 yuan/kWh. The annual electricity cost saved : Between 180,000 and 360,000 yuan. The entire life cycle of the air compressor is calculated as 20 years and the loading rate is 80%. The total electricity bill saved is 2.88 million to 5.76 million yuan.


CMN Screw Compressor

1.Screw Compressor in China has a compact and simple structure, high processing and assembly accuracy, and no clearance volume. It adopts an IE4 grade high-energy-efficiency permanent magnet variable frequency motor. The compression efficiency can reach more than 95%, and the air supply pressure fluctuation value can be accurately controlled within 0.5 Bar;


2. The air end and motor are directly connected to the transmission with high efficiency, low power loss, high speed and light load. It adopts the world's first two-stage dual-drive permanent magnet frequency conversion design, which can always maintain the best input ratio of the intelligent control system under different pressure and air consumption conditions. power.


Piston compressor

1. The structure is bulky and complex, with low speed and heavy load. The wear and tear of the piston ring between maintenance times increases the amount of internal leakage, causing the specific power to continue to rise. When using frequency conversion technology to reduce the linear speed of the piston, there is no internal leakage of the sealing medium per unit time. The increase in energy consumption makes the energy saving effect unsatisfactory;


2. When the piston reaches the dead center, the clearance volume between VO1 between its end face and the cylinder head, the annular gap VO2 between the piston end face and the first piston ring, and the entire channel VO3 between the cylinder end face and the valve plate are reduced. The exhaust volume of the compressor is increased, resulting in a delay in the suction process compressor and a reduction in the suction volume.


2. Simple maintenance and low cost

The annual maintenance cost of a CMN screw machine is at least 100,000 yuan lower than that of a piston compressor with the same displacement. It will save about 2.6 million yuan in the entire life cycle (taking the 25 cubic model as an example).


CMN screw Compressor:

There are no wearing parts. You only need to regularly replace the air filter element, water filter element and add grease to the motor and host bearings. The annual maintenance cost generally does not exceed 20,000 yuan.


Piston compressor:

Taking a 25 cubic meter oil-free piston machine as an example, the maintenance cost for 6,000 hours is usually more than 150,000 yuan. The entire life cycle of the air compressor is calculated as 20 years, and the maintenance cost exceeds 3 million yuan. Other conventional accessories of the piston machine Not counted.


The total cost savings of the above two items are as high as 5.48 to 8.36 million yuan.


3. Small vibration, low noise and good safety

CMN screw compressor:

1. The main machine adopts a symmetrical structure of single screw and double meshing pairs. It runs smoothly, has small vibration, and the vibration intensity is less than 4.5m/s (a coin is placed on the main machine without falling over during operation). The installation is simple and fast, no need to fix the foundation, and no lifting is required for maintenance. ;


2. The noise generally does not exceed 80dB(A) and can be placed in the workshop for open use. It can be installed nearby to reduce the installation costs of compressed air pipelines and valves, reduce pressure drop and pipe losses, and eliminate the need to build an independent air compressor room;


3. The compression chamber and exhaust temperatures are both lower than 50°C, which increases the service life of the seal and makes the working environment safe and comfortable.


Piston compressor: 

1. It vibrates greatly during operation and needs to be installed on a fixed foundation. At the same time, due to the reciprocating movement of the piston, the exhaust is discontinuous and the air flow is pulsating, which can easily cause pipeline vibration. In severe cases, the pipe network or parts may be damaged due to air flow pulsation and resonance. damage;


2. The noise is high, generally higher than 100 dB(A), and an independent computer room needs to be built and located away from residential areas;


3. The temperature of the compression chamber is as high as 160-180°C, which reduces the service life of the seal and poses a safety risk of burns to the operator. The high temperature in the air compressor room requires the installation of a large exhaust fan for ventilation and heat dissipation.


4. 100% pure oil-free guarantee

CMN screw compressor:

1. Environmentally friendly. The whole machine does not use a drop of lubricating oil. The internal circulating water plays the roles of lubrication, cooling, sealing, cleaning, noise reduction, etc., ensuring that the compressed air is 100% pure and oil-free, and the oil content is truly 0ppm (the intake air is oil-free) Under certain conditions, on-site testing with imported oil-free detectors can be provided);


2. CMN full range of oil-free machine products,such as oil free compressor have passed German TÜV class 0 oil-free certification.


Piston machine:

1. The crankcase of the machine needs to be regularly filled and replaced with lubricating oil and a certain pressure must be ensured (an oil pump is equipped, the working pressure in the crankcase is 2 to 3 bar, and the oil temperature is around 90°C). The crankshaft, bearing bushes, and connecting rods must be forced to lubricate. When the oil scraper ring and stuffing box that prevent lubricating oil from entering the cylinder are worn, the lubricating oil will enter the cylinder in gaseous or liquid form, causing the discharged compressed air to contain oil, and there is a risk of oil contamination of the product, affecting the taste of the product and endangering personal health;


2. The disposal of used lubricating oil increases the cost and pollutes the ecological environment.


5. High purity of compressed air

CMN screw compressor: 

1. Water washes the air thoroughly. After filtering, the fine particles (3-5μm) remaining in the air stay in the water and are discharged by the automatic drainage valve. At the same time, harmful gases such as SO2, NO2, and H2S contained in the air are eliminated. Absorbed into the water, it is discharged from the body through the automatic drainage valve and completely removed when the internal circulating water is regularly replaced. The compressed air is as fresh and clean as after the rain;


2. All parts in contact with water and air, such as machine head, pipelines, filters, water vapor separation barrels, coolers, etc., are all made of 304 or 316 food-grade stainless steel, which is food-grade safe, clean and hygienic.


Piston compressor:

1. The fine dust particles sucked in with the air and foreign matter such as friction and falling off of moving parts, as well as harmful gas components in the air, are discharged out as much as possible. Coupled with the contamination of the compressed air lubricating oil, the post-processing filter and cold drying The burden on the machine increases until it affects the normal processing effect, increasing the risk of contaminating products entering the bottle blowing system, thereby endangering the health of consumers and posing a threat to food safety;


2. Most parts in contact with water and air: cylinders, pistons, pipelines, coolers, etc. are made of ductile iron, cast iron, aluminum or forged steel, which are prone to corrosion and rust (visible during major maintenance), thereby contaminating the compressed air. , causing the discharged compressed air to contain rust and other odors. At the same time, most of the corroded parts need to be replaced after a few years of use, increasing the cost of use.


6. Compressed air has low moisture content

CMN screw compressor:

The exhaust temperature is <50°C. Due to the low temperature, the water content is relatively low (the lower the temperature of the compressed air, the lower the water content in the gas). After being processed by the cold dryer, the dew point can easily reach below 10 degrees. The cold dryer, The filter burden is small, ensuring the gas safety of the bottle blowing machine.


Piston compressor:

The working temperature of the compression chamber is around 150~180°C, and the exhaust temperature after passing through the cooler is around 85°C. The compressed air has high moisture content (the higher the temperature of the compressed air, the higher the moisture content in the gas), which increases the burden on the refrigerated dryer and filter which also increases energy consumption. If the filter of the cold dryer is not maintained and replaced in time, the water content in the compressed air will be too high, which will affect the quality of bottle blowing (the smoothness and transparency will become worse, and scars and defects will appear inside).

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