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Medical Oil Free Screw & Scroll Air Compressor for Hospital Use

The air used in hospital will contact with patient’s body directly. It is even related to the patient's life safety. Currently the main problem is that there isn’t professional directions and specifications for hospital air system construction, the demand side often ignores this too.

Hospital gas application mainly include:

  1. Used for respiratory system and anesthesia system.

  2. Used as a spraying treatment medium for patients with respiratory system problems;

  3. Used as Oxygen concentration adjustment for incubator for premature babies and spirophore;

  4. Used as the power of circulation machine and dental equipment unit;

  5. Used for blowing dirt and driving dental air drill;

  6. Air source of oxygenerator and oxygen system;

  7. All kinds of instrument, device driver, air cylinder, air supply forpneumatic tools and medical devices.

  8. The compressed air used in operating room is medical compressed air in hospitals, mainly used for instruments and breathing, belongs to part of life support system, it plays a very important role. Among them, instrument air is mainly used for pneumatic tools (for example, pnematic saw), hanger, lifting tower and clean sealing door, etc, those driving gas of medical auxiliary equipment, in order to protect the machine, it has high requirement of water, oil and dust in the compressed air; Breathing air is used to drive the ventilator or directly supply it for breathing, enter the patient’s respiratory system, the requirements for gas quality can be imagined obviously.

Therefore, the air supply system for operating room has corresponding standard requirements, which can refer to GB 50751-2012 medical gas engineering technical specification, oil-free air compressor is often used in configuration, but generally, a post purification system is needed, including oil removal, dust removal, water removal, bacteria removal, odor removal, etc.