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Low Pressure Screw Oilless Air Compressor

The working principle of the pure oil-free screw compressor is the same as that of the normal pressure oil-free screw air compressor. The difference is that low pressure screw air compressor is equipped with a low-pressure stainless steel air end with a compression ratio of 1.2 to 4, and the air supply pressure of the unit is 1.2 to 4 bar. The unit has good stability and low energy consumption.

Specifications of Low Pressure Screw Oilless Air Compressor

ModelPressureFADMotor powerExhaust tempNoiseWeightDimension



Industry Applications of Low Pressure Screw Oilless Air Compressor

Low pressure screw air compressors are widely used in pharmaceutical fermentation, chemical fiber textiles, glassware, powder transportation, etc. Many processes in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries (such as fermentation, filter press, transportation, etc.) require low-pressure compressed air. Chemical fiber textile texturing machines and network machines require low-pressure compressed air as the air source. 

In the container manufacturing industry, glass bottles are blown into shape using low-pressure compressed air. The transportation of powdery objects (such as flour, coffee, medicines, cement, etc.) uses a large amount of low-pressure compressed air. When the compressed air needs to come into contact with medicines and foods, pure and oil-free compressed air is crucial.

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