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Application of Oil Injected Screw Compressor in Different Fields

In modern industry, the oil injection screw compressor plays a key role in several industries. This device compresses air to the required pressure and atomizes the compressed air with an oil injector to increase the energy and flow of the air. In this article, we introduce some of the specific applications in which the oil injection screw compressor is used.

Industrial applications

The oil injection screw compressor is a powerful assistant in production lines and automated control systems. In the rubber and plastics industry, it provides compressed air to power actuators such as cylinders and instrumentation equipment, providing stable and reliable power.

Mining industry

The oil injection screw compressor provides a constant flow of power for pneumatic tools, improving the efficiency of mining operations. It is widely used in mining and mine ventilation.


Oil injection screw compressor plays the important function of compressing air to drive instruments, spreaders, etc. Whether it is house construction, road repair, cave repair, or railroad construction, it plays an indispensable role.

Agricultural field

In the agricultural field, the oil injection screw compressor from CMN screw air compressor supplier also plays an important role. It is used to drive agricultural equipment, spray pesticides, etc., providing convenient power support for agricultural production.

In the future, with the continuous innovation of technology and the broadening of application fields, oil injection screw compressor will continue to inject strong power for industrial development and promote the continuous progress of various industries.