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Co2 Compressor

CMN oil-free carbon dioxide compressor, the air end is made of 304 stainless steel. If there are special requirements, 316 stainless steel can also be used to prevent corrosion. The inlet pressure, outlet pressure and exhaust volume can be designed as required.

Why do you need CO2 compressor/booster?

With the development of society, enviromental protection has become a important topic for poeple and government to consider. In this way, CO2 recovery system is getting more applied. By getting compressed, it is more convenient for transportation of CO2. So CO2 compressor plays an important role.

Why CMN CO2 compressor/booster?

  • Stability

    Different from traditional reciprocating compressor, CMN adopts screw air end for compression. The air end is made of food grade 304 or 316L stainless steel which is perfect for compression of CO2 as it becomes corrosive with water. All pipes getting touched with CO2 are made of stainless steel matrial to ensure the stability.

  • Easy maintenance

    Only needs to change air filter and water filter for maintenance.

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