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Tips for Maintaining Oil-Injected Screw Compressors

In the daily operation of mechanical equipment, the service life of the equipment is often affected by a variety of factors. Especially oil-injected screw compressor, if not timely replacement parts, oil, etc., will not only cause damage to the machine itself, but also in the subsequent maintenance may bring high maintenance costs to the user. The core of maintaining oil-injected screw compressor is the correct use of lubricants, here we will discuss the correct way of maintaining oil-injected screw compressor.

Select Special Lubricant

The performance of oil-injected screw compressor is largely affected by the lubricant. The use of the wrong lubricant may seriously damage the machine parts, which may cause a series of problems. Therefore, be sure to choose a special lubricant to ensure the normal operation of the machine and extend the service life.

Factors Affecting Oil Change Intervals

The working environment has an important impact on the lubricant replacement cycle. In poor ventilation, high humidity, and dusty environment, the performance of the lubricant will be more likely to decline. So you need to shorten the oil change cycle to maintain the normal operation of the equipment.

Key Points for Using Lubricating Oil

  • The first oil change time for a brand new oil-injected screw compressor is usually 500 hours after use, the second time at 2500-3000 hours, and then every 2500 hours. However, please note that the oil change time may need to be adjusted according to the difference of environmental factors.

  • When changing the oil, follow the principle of "early change, not late change" and change the lubricant in time. If the lubricant is used for too long, it may lead to poor lubrication, reduce the life of the machine, or even cause spontaneous combustion of the oil, which may damage the oil-injected screw compressor.

  • After oil-injected screw compressor has been used for two years, it is recommended to have the machine cleaned once. The method is very simple, just after replacing the lubricant once, let the machine run for 6-8 hours, and then replace the lubricant with a brand new one. This effectively removes stale residue from the equipment and extends the life of the machine. At the same time, when replacing the lubricant, make sure to use the same brand of product and avoid mixing.

By following the above maintenance methods, CMN, the screw air compressor supplier can ensure the stable operation of oil-injected screw compressor, extend its service life, and at the same time reduce the maintenance cost and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment.

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