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CMN Medium-pressure Oil free Screw Compressor Has Obtained TÜV Class 0 Oil-free Certification

Recently, CMN Technology Co., Ltd.'s full range of medium-pressure oil-free compressors successfully obtained TÜV Class 0 oil-free certification. This certification fully proves CMN outstanding strength and product quality in the field of compressor technology. With thorough and excellent compressed air solutions, CMN has set new quality standards for high-demand production industries such as food and beverages, PET bottle blowing, leak detection and military industry.


TÜV Class 0 oil-free certification is evaluated according to the ISO 8573-1 (Compressed Air Part 1: Contaminants and Purity Classes) standard set by ISO (International Standards Organization). This certification requires the purity of compressed air to reach level 0 standards and is suitable for industries with extremely high air quality requirements, such as food and beverages, PET bottle blowing, leak detection, and military industry. The ISO8573-1:2010 zero-grade standard has very strict requirements on solid particles, water and oil content, and is known as the most stringent air quality standard.


The full range of CMN medium-pressure oil-free screw compressors CM75G, CM75GPV, CM90G, CM110GPV, CM110G, CM130GPV, CM150GPV, CM200GPV, CM242GPV and CM320GPV have obtained TÜV Class 0 oil-free certification, which demonstrates the company's product development and manufacturing process. We strictly follow international standards, pay attention to user needs, and are committed to providing high-quality, high-reliability compressed air treatment equipment. This certification will provide strong support for CMN to further expand domestic and foreign markets, especially in high-demand industries.


As a company with rich experience and technology accumulation in the field of compressors, CMN will continue to increase investment in research and development, aim at the international advanced level, and provide users with more advanced and reliable compressed air solutions. In the future development path, we will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "making the best compressor in the world" and contribute to promoting technological progress and industrial development in the industry.


This time, the entire series of medium-pressure oil-free screw compressor have obtained TÜV Class 0 oil-free certification, which is an important milestone in the product development and manufacturing process of CMN. This certification not only enhances CMN brand awareness in the international market, but also lays a solid foundation for the company's market expansion in high-demand industries such as PET bottle blowing, food and beverages, medical and military industries.


Looking forward to the future, CMN Technology will continue to pay attention to the latest technological trends in the industry, keep up with international development trends, and be oriented to meet customer needs, continue to innovate and improve product technology, and provide customers with better and more efficient compressed air solutions. We firmly believe that in the future development path, CMN will make greater contributions to the technological progress and industrial development of the industry.

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