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ABOUT CMN Compressor

Leading Air Compressor Manufacturer

We are one of the largest manufacturers in the world with the ability to mass-produce single-screw air compressors. We have more than 50 ultra-precision cnc machine and three precision testing instruments. More than 80% of the parts of each air compressor are produced by CMN independently so that product quality can be controlled by us. We also have standardized production and manufacturing process compressor and strict inspection processes to ensure product stability.

What we manufacture:

  • 8~12bar oil-free screw air compressor

  • 20~40bar oil-free screw air compressor

  • 8~12bar micro-oil screw air compressor

  • 20~40bar micro-oil screw air compressor

Oil-free scroll air compressors, Special gas compressors and post treatment equipment. If you need compressed air solution, welcome to contact our professional team.

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