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Advanced Air Compressor Manufacturer
With more than 20 years manufacturing experience in compressed air filed, CMN, as a oil free screw compressor manufacturer, the products including oil-less air compressor, oil-free air compressor, all kinds of special gas compressor and matched after treatment equipments. Certified with ISO9001, ISO14001, TUV, CE and other certifications, our products offers various compressed air solutions with FAD ranging from 15cfm to 2087cfm, pressure ranging from 2bar to 45bar. With continued R&D investment, CMN, the oil free screw compressor manufacturer has launched world's first 40bar oil free screw air compressor with water lubricated air end and world's first 1.2MPa scroll air compressor which filled international gap.
Oil Free Air Compressor
With advanced water lubricated air end, CMN whole machine is designed without lubricating oil to supply whole life oil free compressed air ranging from 15~2100cfm of pressure 2~40bar.
Oil Injected Air Compressor
Adopting CMN oil lubricated air end, machine is maintenance free and has a service life of more than 20 years, reduced energy consumption by 20% and the oil content of compressed air is less than 2ppm.
Special Gas Compressor
CMN accepts customized design for all kinds of special gas compression including hydrogen, nitrogen, natural gas, coalbed methane and etc.
After Treatment Equipment
We offer a packaged air compressor system solution by supplying all kinds of after treatment equipment including air tanks, refrigerated dryer, desiccant dryer and filters.
CMN Compressor Solutions
CMN, as a screw air compressor supplier, their products find extensive applications across diverse industries, catering to a spectrum of needs. Our high-efficiency oil-less air compressors provide comprehensive solutions for all kinds of applications that requires compressed air. Furthermore, our oil-free air compressors, distinguished by their advanced no-lubricating oil feature, are prominently utilized in industries demanding compressed air with exceptional purity. These applications span critical sectors such as pharmaceutical and food production, PET bottle blowing, chip manufacturing, and beyond.
Pharmaceutical Production
Compressed air is used in crushing, mixing and delivery of drugs and direct contact with the drugs, so the purity of the compressed air is vital.
Food Production
Compressed air can be used for conveying, sorting ingredients, or for processes such as fermentation.
Electronics and Semiconductor
In processes such as semiconductor manufacturing, compressed air is utilized for cleaning circuit boards, supporting the operation of pneumatic tools, and serving as a pneumatic power source for automation.
PET Bottle Blowing
Supply compressed air for blow molding machine, injection molding machine or bottle blowing machine to make all kinds of plastic products.
The air utilized in hospitals comes into direct touch with patients' bodies; this has an impact on the patients' ability to survive.
Compressed air can be employed to drive textile machinery or for drying and conveying textiles. Typically, high-grade textiles necessitate the use of oil-free compressed air to ensure purity.
Compressor also plays an important role in other industries such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, petroleum and natural gas.
About CMN
CMN Company Profile

Since its establishment in 1960, CMN, the screw air compressor supplier, has consistently pioneered advancements in single-screw compressor technology, and always prioritizing product stability and performance. In 2004, CMN expanded its global footprint with the establishment of its production base in Zhejiang, China. Specializing in the manufacturing of single-screw air compressors, we proudly stand as the trailblazers in developing water-lubricated oil-free screw air compressors, offering impeccable solutions for the industries such as food manufacturing and pharmaceutical production that requires high purity compressed air.

In 2015, CMN, as a oil free screw compressor manufacturer, we unveiled the world's first 40-bar pressure oil-free screw air compressor, showcasing our commitment to innovation. Currently, our facility in China spans nearly 58,000 square meters, employing over 100 dedicated professionals. Beyond borders, we collaborate with a vast dealer network of over 50 countries with 10 service agencies, and operate three manufacturing plants worldwide, solidifying CMN's position as an compressed air industry leader.


Covering an area of more than 68000 square meters.


More than 20 years oil free compressor manufacturing experience


CMN brand has a history of more than 60 years.

What Clients Say

Since 2006, we have ordered more than 40 sets oil free air compressor from CMN. The compressed air is direct contact with drugs so we have strict requirements in terms of moisture content, oil content and microbial content. With our first corporation with CMN, we surprisingly find that they have passed all tests according to requirements of GMP, WTO certifications and also has features of lower noise, higher efficiency and higher stability compared with dry oil free compressor we used before.

Hisun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

We used first set of CMN oil free compressor in 2010, and gradually purchased 6 sets more. The earliest machine has reached operation time of 50000 hours and has no failure yet. We were using dry oil free compressor of a famous international brand before we know CMN, CMN has reduced countless maintenance cost for us and we believe water lubricated compressor is definitely a cut edge invention.

Zhejiang Conba Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

CMN is an innovative company, they have launched a lot of products that no company had ever manufactured before and help to promote the development of the industry. We had purchased more than 10 sets of CMN oil free low pressure air compressor in manufacturing the glass bottle, machines are running well so far with great features of low noise, low energy consumption and low maintenance cost.

Kweichow Moutai Co., Ltd.
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Oil Free Compressor VS Oil Injected Compressor

The lubrication technique used to maintain an air compressor's air-end moving smoothly distinguishes oil-free air compressors from oil-filled ones. Oil-injected compressors are used in the majority of industrial air compressors due to their lower cost and longer lifespan compared to oil-free compressors.

What Is Better Oil Free Compressor Or Oil Injected Compressor?

The air end of a oil injected air compressor uses oil for lubrication, so the air end does not require maintenance. However, since oil-related accessories need to be replaced, the cost is relatively higher than oil free compressor. Using an oil-free air compressor can reduce the problem of waste oil disposal also.