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CMN Attended International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition in Japan (IPF JAPAN)

CMN water-lubricated pure oil-free screw compressor was unveiled at the triennial Japan International Rubber and Plastics Exhibition (IPF JAPAN), one of the world's three major rubber and plastics exhibitions. It is the pioneer of on-site air supply to power electric blow molding machines --- TAHARA. The exhibition started on November 28 and ended on December 2, lasting for 4 days in total. There was an endless stream of visitors to the exhibition.


The Tokyo Plastics Exhibition (IPF JAPAN) is one of the three major rubber and plastics exhibitions in the world. The exhibition integrates international industry seminars attended by industry experts and professional managers from as many as 40 countries around the world. The depth and breadth of the exhibition is comparable to the K Exhibition.


Japan's major international elite manufacturers will showcase Japan's extraordinary achievements in industrial technology and create more business opportunities. Exhibitors come from 12 categories of technical product projects and technical support, including materials, injection molding machines, composite materials, measurement and control instruments, finished and semi-finished products, public relations services, etc.


The model exhibited at this exhibition is a 37kW permanent magnet variable frequency air-cooled oil-free screw air compressor. The extremely low operating noise and temperature of the unit have won CMN a lot of praise. Through this exhibition, CMN,the screw air compressor supplier has enhanced its brand awareness in the Japanese injection molding and bottle blowing industry, and gained a large number of intended customers, laying a stable foundation for CMN to further expand the Japanese market.

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